Children receive items for basic hygiene such as toothbrushes

A Toothbrush Improves Overall Health

A Toothbrush is a Simple Yet Powerful Tool for Improved Health…

In many villages, both children and adults lack basic personal care items such as toothbrushes. The result is impaired dental health which can contribute to poor health overall. Without basic medical care, even pulling an abscessed tooth can still leave a serious infection. But with a simple item such as a toothbrush, a child can grow up with healthy teeth and gums that promote a lifetime of improved health.

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School Rebuilding Project: Vietnam

School Rebuilding Project Done!

We believe we can break down walls when we build up schools.

96 children were sitting in a run down elementary school with no functioning windows and doors. During the rainy season, students sat in the school building trying to study with the distraction of rain and wind blowing right through the schoolroom.
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