Rural village in Vietnam

Help to the "least of these"


We believe we can change the world...

by giving hope to one child at a time.


Change lives...including your own!

Join us on a journey to give hope.

Help Us Give Help to the “Least of These”

TongueOut exists to give tangible hope for children “forgotten” by society. We care for the abandoned, and the poor with medical care, education, school construction & repair, and more.

Help us get the word out about children living in the shadow of our societies. Share our website, facebook page (“TongueOut”), or simply tell others about us.

Come With Us!

Help us change lives — one person at a time. TongueOut focuses on tangible help for the “forgotten” living in the shadow of our societies.

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As we strive to help in communities around the globe, contributions from people like you make a huge difference to change the lives of orphans and needy children!

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